Our founding director and lead therapist was selected as 1 of 10 dedicated and deserving social workers making extraordinary impact across the country by Social Work Today magazine.

Un informe asegura que esta práctica implementada por la administración Trump podría producirse con el incremento de las deportaciones en todo el país

I’m Listening is a two-hour, commercial-free broadcast on all radio stations and the app, featuring notable names in music, sports, medicine, and more, that aims to end the stigma of talking about mental health

La terapeuta fundadora del Centro Esperanza para el Bienestar, da valiosos consejos a la comunidad

Imagine yourself leaving home to go to work every day thinking “Will this be the last time I see my house? Will this be the last time I see my family?”

One young woman in her 20s has worked two jobs for the last 10 years as the main breadwinner for her family of five. She soon will graduate from college.

El temor a que la deporten y separen de su hija de dos años llevó a la mexicana María Luisa a una sesión de ayuda psicológica.

Imagine being ripped apart from the home, the only home you may know and separated from your friends, loved ones and everything you know.

When I talk to clients or participants at trainings I facilitate, friends and others about self-care, there is a resounding and recurring notion that implementing a self-care plan requires a lot of time and money.

Una de las cualidades que más me ha cautivado, y no me deja de impresionar, de nuestra comunidad inmigrante es su resistencia individual y como comunidad. En el ámbito de salud mental, la resistencia o resiliencia (resilience en inglés)

Central American children with PTSD; families enduring incredible amounts of stress; language barriers; cultural stigmatization; lack of mental health awareness.

There was a huge smile awaiting me at the other end of the screen. I had been anticipating this moment with some degree of anxiety. I had been to trainings, conducted several dry runs,






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