We provide extra support to direct service providers through coaching. We see our role not as supervisors but as guides/mentors who can build on the support provided by existing supervisors and managers. We know sometimes staff face a unique set of issues that they may not feel comfortable discussing with supervisors out of fear of repercussions. In a private and confidential setting, we cover topics such as self-care, time management, best practices for working with community members, boundaries, mindful communications/interactions, communications and trust with superiors, etc.

We also provide supervision to Washington, DC LGSWs.

 “I highly recommend Cheryl’s professional coaching services. Cheryl helped me develop a creative marketing plan through social media. I’m very happy with my results and look forward to continuing using her services as I continue to build my private practice

Tiziana DiFabio,  a Maryland based clinical social worker and private practice owner. 


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