It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! We are sharing photos in social media  of #everydaymentalhealth activities we can do to enhance our mental health.

Color. Do you remember coloring as a kid? What memories come to mind? Maybe you felt joy, had fun and felt creative as a kid. But coloring is not just for kids anymore (it never has). Emerging research on the impact of adults coloring points to a state of relaxation almost meditation like and an opportunity for the brain to relax. Coloring allows people the chance to work on a detailed and focused activity. When we provide our mind opportunities like these, it can help stay in the present moment more and there is less time for your mind to spend time ruminating or worrying about the future. So why not give this a try? In the ever demanding world we live in, sometimes we just need to take a break and why not do it while igniting your creativity!

How can I start my coloring practice?
1. There is a coloring book for everyone. Check out your local stores or online for coloring books about an interest you may have

2. Color alone, with your kids or friends

3. Organize a coloring party with your friends

4. Download a smart phone APP. Yes, you can color from your smart phone. There are many out there, just type coloring book on your APP search 

Join us in social media this May as we share #everydaymentalhealth photos of activities that enhance our mental health. Share your own photo of an every day activity that promotes wellness and we will enter you on an online raffle to receive a self-care kit with products curated by us.

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