It’s #MentalHealthAwareness Month! We are sharing photos in social media of #everydaymentalhealth activities we can do to enhance our mental health.

Do something that makes you smile. Smiling and laughing releases important chemicals in your brain that impacts how you feel. And you have the power to unleash these chemicals with your laughter.

When you smile or laugh your brain releases, dopamine, endorphins and serotonin also known as feel good hormones. Dopamine motivates us to take action. Endorphins, also known as natural pain killers, help alleviate pain and stress. Serotonin, also known as the happy chemical, helps regulate our moods.

In other words, laughter is a powerful antidote to feeling unmotivated, pain, and down.

Feel like you have nothing to smile or laugh about?

  • Watch a funny movie or funny videos 
  • Download a jokes app
  • Write 3 things that you did well today or that made you feel good
  • Practice gratitude, focus on the things that are going well in life
  • Bring to mind a funny memory from the past. Close your eyes, deep breathe (inhaling and exhaling through your nose, and bring to mind that image of a memory from the past that makes you laugh).
  • Spend time with people who laugh and smile. Emotions are contagious.

Join us in social media this May as we share #everydaymentalhealth photos of activities that enhance our mental health. Share your own photo of an every day activity that promotes wellness and we will enter you on an online raffle to receive a self-care kit with products curated by us.

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