It’s Mental Health Awareness Month! We are sharing photos in social media  of #everydaymentalhealth activities we can do to enhance our mental health.

Hug More. Have you ever wondered why it may feel so good to give and receive hugs? Hugging generates feel good emotions and a sense of having others be there and care for us. When we hug, an important chemical called oxytocin gets released. Oxytocin is also considered the “love” and “bonding” hormone. The release of oxytocin can have a multiplier impact on our body, which causes a decrease in heart rate, drop in stress hormones, and boost to our immune system (U.S News & World Report). Oxytocin has also been attributed to increasing other feel good chemicals like serotonin and dopamine (our happy and reward hormones). 

Want to hug more?
1. Get consent by asking someone you want to hug, is it okay to hug you or can I give you a hug? It’s important to respect people’s space and their needs

2. Offer a hug when someone is down

3. Offer a hug just because (but ask consent:)

4. Ask for hugs when you feel like you needed

5. Make it a habit with people who have already consent it and you trust and care for like family members, friends, etc.

6. Respect when someone doesn’t want a hug even when if you really want a hug

Join us in social media this May as we share #everydaymentalhealth photos of activities that enhance our mental health. Share your own photo of an every day activity that promotes wellness and we will enter you on an online raffle to receive a self-care kit with products curated by us.

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