It’s  Mental Health Awareness Month! We are sharing photos in social media  of #everydaymentalhealth activities we can do to enhance our mental health.

Take a pause and observe what’s around you. Ever feel like you are missing life? We live in a fast paced world, with many demands and to dos. On top of that we have a very active mind that spends a lot of time thinking about the past and worrying about the future and has a hard time staying in the present. But you have the power to bring your mind to the present moment. Each day make a commitment to be present and notice what’s around you in whatever setting you may be, in other words, stay in the present moment. When we ruminate about the past or worry about the future, we can experience depression or anxiety. Staying in the present moment has the potential to redirect your mind to something neutral.

How do I build skills to observe more and stay in the present moment? 

1. When you walk, drive or ride a bus or train take notice on what’s around you. Do you notice trees? Colorful flowers 

2. Take a look around your room, office, bedroom and notice objects: their colors, height, etc 

3. Take a deep breath inhaling and exhaling through your nose and notice that breath, take notice of the inhaling and exhaling process, and notice how you feel

4. When you walk, walk a regular space without speeding 

5. When your mind starts thinking about past, or worries about the present, acknowledge those thoughts are there, take a deep breath and bring your mind back to focus on your breathing or observing something around you 

6. When you are with others, be fully present, put phone or other distractions away. Pay attention to what they are saying, and “be there” with them

7. Observe things with “beginners mind,” like is the first time you are seeing them, with the same amazement babies display when they discover new things

Join us in social media this May as we share #everydaymentalhealth photos of activities that enhance our mental health. Share your own photo of an every day activity that promotes wellness and we will enter you on an online raffle to receive a self-care kit with products curated by us.

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